Focení pro 7. a 8. ročník

Nabídka studentům 7. a 8. ročníku TK Brno
ve Fotoateliéru Arthur Abram

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Tipy Arthura na přípravu

I am a photographer based in Brno, CZ. 

Born in France, I grew up in Canada where I studied classical ballet and modern dance.  I moved to central Europe as soon as I finished school to be a member of Slovak National Theater then Balet Bratislava and finally join the National Theater Brno.

Being a professional dancer, I am very interested in dance photography and all things related to movement. I usually shoot in theaters during performances and dress rehearsal as well as during the daily rehearsals of dance companies. I also enjoy spending time in photographic studio or on location working with strobes lights and model to accomplish different visuals.

I am attracted by those moments that make the movement of dance so perfect and graceful, as well as the emotion this movement can communicate. Catching feelings through movements and poses of classical ballet, modern dance or everyday life portraits. 

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